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Realvid, masters of multimedia, video and photography.

We emphasise our productions on movement and short turn-a rounds. With a wealth of experience in video and film production, audiovisual design and production, photography, web design and music production.

Realvid has been operating for over 13 years now with many more years of experience shared between the principals and staff.

Along with our sister company, “the property studio”, Realvid provides services to Real Estate Agents including Auction Presentations, Dynamic signage, company profiles, DVDs and CD ROMs, video property tours, virtual tours and photography.

Auction presentations

For over 13 years we have provided auction presentations to the Sydney Region, interstate and overseas. We combine all types of media to make a complete, informed, exciting and sophisticated presentation that builds audience expectation, satisfies the agent’s clients, informs buyers and sellers and records the results for the agents.

We have Three major auction presentations, Standard, Bidding On Screen and Bids to The Net. All can be run independently by our clients or, if needed, we can supply equipment and an operator. Delivery is via the internet or CD ROM/DVD.

Virtually any form of material can be used in our presentation, still images, maps, plans, text, video and virtual tours. Our own video tours from can easily be incorporated into our presentation.

Design and production is made to order. We design the look and promotional material to your corporate look and colours.

Our system uses a “pre-auction loop” which displays your promotional material, previous sales results and a preview of the auction’s properties. Background music is played over this loop as well as promotional videos, agent profiles and agency profiles. Even sponsor ads!

Each property’s presentation is self contained and a self-running loop of the property’s images or video can be accessed during the auction during delays and negotiations. Last minute changes to vital material such as the address, submission number, sales status (sold prior, withdrawn, etc) can easily be changed as well as the order of sale as each property can be easily navigated to and selected. We can skip the preview properties in the pre-auction loop in case a particular property is withdrawn on the night.

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Peter Baldwin-Auctioneer

Gabe and Mark of Realvid are the last word in Auction presentations and visual imaging.

We use Realvid because in our competitive industry they are quite simply the best in the business. Their friendliness, reliability and professionalism is matched only by their unstinting attention to detail and loyal client focus.

They are a truly caring, innovative IT outfit utilizing state of the art software who always deliver the solution as promised. They are a joy to deal with and their expertise in visual enhancement and positive portrayal of property is without peer in this industry.

Realvid are always at the vanguard in technology and use of first quality tools for the task. They have an intelligent and flexible approach to the task and in a very deft way are successful in actually doing the thinking for the client in the most pragmatic way. Their technical skills are punctuated by their obvious passion for the job and it truly shows in the end product.

A crowning feature of RealVid is their unwavering ability to meet deadlines, make snap script and imaging amendments but at the same time make no compromise to quality.

Richardson & Wrench Pty Limited

Peter Baldwin B. Bus Lec Director/Chief Auctioneer


A portfolio of 8 major Woolworths Petrol Station investments across NSW, VIC and QLD was offered on Tuesday with 7 selling separately under the hammer in our Margaret Street auction rooms.

Sales totalling $10, 960, 000 with an average net income of $97, 505 produced an average yield of 6.27% making this an exceptional day of commercial auctions. This really showcased the strength of our auction facilities with buyers across Australia able to bid in person, via conference call, digitised presentation and live auction streaming.

Buyers unable to attend the auction in Sydney could watch the presentation and the bid display in real time which gave them much more confidence to bid. A great result for agents Burgess Rawson due in no small part to the excellence of the technology of Realvid Live.

David Scholes


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