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What kind of people should be using Realvid?

What can be used in the presentation?

How do I start using Realvid Live?

What size images or video?

Supported Operating systems

What type of system should I get?

Q What kind of people should be using Realvid?


Anyone who wants to take their auction presentation to the next level. Plus small agencies who have little time or resources to make the best possible presentation.

Large organisations who see the merit in outsourcing a fiddly but essential task to a service provider committed to excellence, integrity and innovation.

Auctioneers who want to give their clients (agencies) the best in industry practise. Streamline their work-flow, gain the hours now needed to make each auction presentation to concentrate on making their business grow.


What can be used in the presentation?


Just about anything! Usually it is still images, a plan of the building or apartment, a map of the locality, descriptive text and a few facts. Even music, sound effects, a simple voice/over or narration can be inserted. We can convert your stills to video for a silent “Ken Burns Effect” loop on the auction page or within the loop. We can also add a voice-over with music to our video and use that as your main element for the presentation. You could also use this for other marketing as well. We can supply a full on-location video through our sister company “The Property Studio” that you can use for marketing and then incorporate into the auction presentation. Or use one already supplied by another company.

Don't forget other promotional material for the pre-auction loop. Stills, office or agent profiles, videos, significant results or testimonials, the possibilities are endless!

Q How do I start using Realvid Live?
A Starting to use Realvid Live involves a bit of consultation, design and materials transfer before we can deliver your first auction presentation. This means your presentation is designed exactly for your needs and looks. You can contact us today to see what is involved or have a look at our How To Start page for more info before contacting us.
Q What size images or video?


That depends on the size of the final presentation. And that will be worked out when we consult with you on the look and venue. An absolute minimum size for our use would be images that are 800 pixels wide or 600 pixels high. With more wide-screen presentations and video being used, we recommend you send your print-sized images. We have internet file sharing capabilities that allow for large and/or many files to be sent to us easily.

With video its best to consult with us well before your first auction to establish a size suitable for the presentation. As a rule of thumb, standard or high definition should be OK. Smaller, web-sized videos may look a little “pixelated” when stretched. See our “Materials Needed” PDF for more details.

Q Supported Operating systems


Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Q What type of system should I get?


A good, Fast notebook or desktop system. A lot depends on which service you intend to use so it is best to consult with us first if possible. Most new systems with stand alone video memory will easily run the presentation smoothly. Quite a few systems with integrated video memory too. We have systems as old as 3 years running the latest version of our presentation, including full screen video as smooth as silk! Ask us about 2nd hand systems we can supply as well.

Other equipment may be needed depending on the level of service you choose.

And for those who use Mac systems, we can support you as well. Though not all of our services.

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