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How To Start

Or... how do you order your first presentation.

First of all, get a hold of us by e-mail or phone. And tell us what you want and how long it is before your next auction.

You can then choose from our sample auction templates or have one designed to your corporate look. Or choose a bit from both!

Have examples of your existing marketing material ready to send or links available. We will then discuss with you your corporate look, how it can tie up with the presentation, the type of promotional slots you would like to have in the loops. Any legal conditions needed to be included. You can send us examples of these looks and layouts.

Through this consultation phase we will get to know your expectations and likes. We then develop a “prototype” for you. The time needed will depend on the complexity of the script. We will send examples, proofs pdfs to you as the process develops. Further discussions, changes, etc will be made until you are happy with the final script. We then make a script template for you which will include the style of the presentation, the promotional materials like agent profiles, seasonal promotions, testimonials, etc. We are ready for the first auction. We script the auction and send it to you. Simple as that.

A Work In Progress. Things change, people come and go within your organisation, new corporate looks are made, something would be better off here instead of there. We always treat your templates as a work-in-progress. This design and consultation phase never really finishes. But is included in the per-property fee. So there are no extra charges. (Unless new material needs to be developed or the changes are radical and under a deadline.)

Go to our Materials needed and specs page to find out more on how to send material to us. What our requirements are and how to send them to us.


Links to large examples of each major presentation service. Use the video player's
"play full Screen" button if you like to get a better idea.

Realvid Live (Bids to the net)

Realvid Bids-on-screen

Realvid Standard presentation

Sample Designs

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