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Materials and Instructions

What you will need:

A Windows computer running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. The various configurations services, or products, means that a consultation is best before making a decision on the best type of hardware needed (or what you can get away with for the budget minded). Other questions to consider are the way you are going to auction; whether the gear is going to be in a permanent set-up, if it needs to be portable, etc. We are here to help you make those decisions or design a presentation that will suite your existing equipment.

Other equipment may be needed depending on your choice of service. For an example; bidding on screen and bidding to the internet depends on extending the computer's desktop. A second LCD screen and splitter unit while not mandatory, is a good idea. And not costly. We can help with the purchase of these items as well. Of course, an on-site internet connection is needed for Bids to the Internet.

What to send:

As all our auction presentations are individually crafted to suit your needs, we will consult with you as to what materials you need to send to us for each property and for your promotional material as well. Once this has been worked out we can provide a short precis page in PDF format for distribution within your organisation. (or have a link made on our website) Please have a look at our FAQ and notes page for more detail.

Examples of formats imagery and video are;

  • Still images- jpeg format please. Medium to high quality, high resolution. (With wide-screen presentations, web-sized images just won't cut it) AI format, GIF or PNG for Logos, artwork,etc. Please don't send Word documents with images in them.
  • PDF format is best for brochures and text files for text-based information. Word will do.
  • Video- WMV format, Flash Video, Quicktime or H.264.
  • Hard copy is OK too. On CD ROM is preferable. We also have good scanning facilities. So if you have only a copy on paper we can help. Please allow enough time for delivery.
  • Delivery deadlines- Usually at least one week before the auction date.


Materials Upload Using Sharefile.

Materials needed for the presentation can be sent to us via e-mail, CD ROM, or using our file sharing facility.

Increasingly our presentations are getting larger, large images are needed to cover these, video is being used more and more, large stills are needed for converting to video. Sharefile allows the exchange of large files, too big for individual e-mails and, even better, large numbers of large files! When you order your first presentation, we can set-up an account for you.

We still have the capacity of scanning photographs, plans, maps etc if that is what you have or would like to include archival material as well.

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