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Voice/Over Video Tours

video tourA neat way of combining still images, music, and narration. For use both on the net as a marketing tool and later in the auction presentation itself. Kill two birds with one stone. Using slow zoom and pan effects set over a specially written score. Use your own voice or a professional voice/over artist. Costs depend on length, V/O artist, and number of stills. Special deal if we shoot the stills for you! More samples.

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Property Still shoots including Virtual Tours


Professional photography of your property. Images downloadable from our Sharefile site or delivered on CD. 360 degree virtual tours made as well and hosted on our site with your branding. Based in Sydney Metro at this stage. The stills can be combined into our Voice/Over Video Tours Call for rates.

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Digital Signage

Property presentations done with flair and individuality! Combine, stills, video, text, inspection times, agent profiles, promotions into our digital signage service. Single screens, multiple screens, touch screen, touch glass and kiosk applications. We can advise on your best solution based on your agency location and facing. We have access to fully professional hardware installers to provide a full quote. Plans are flexible. You can even pay per property if you like!

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Full Video Tours of Properties

the property studio

We can provide full video tours of your property with our sister site “The Property Studio” Packages include, a simple short video with an agent intro to a several minute expose. All videos include your voice over, background music, lifestyle and local area coverage. A professional voice/over can be arranged as well.

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Video production including corporate videos, profiles, and locality profiles.

video production

From Short agency intros to full corporate videos. We can consult, design, produce and distribute your agency corporate look. Years of experience and depth of talent from the television industry and multimedia service providers enable us to give you the best looking videos for your budget. Contact us today to see how we can improve your profile.

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