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Bids to the Net

Bids to the internet takes our on-screen presentation to the world wide web. It combines what was in the past, several disparate systems and piles of equipment into a simple application run from one computer. It utilises the latest innovation to our software collection. Its the bees knees of auction presentations!

Each presentation is downloaded automatically, along with the data for each property- addresses, the agents, the submission number, the descriptive text, etc. These can be changed, corrected, updated using Realvid Live. You can change the data, right up until the last minute. You can even change the data during the auction! While the presentation plays! But that's not all! Using Realvid Live and your internet connection, each bid is streamed to a web page showing each property in turn when they are displayed in the auction room. A sub-set of the data plus images are also shown on the page.

The bids are recorded to a data base with a time stamp that you can access on your computer and is also mirrored on our servers. A professional print-out of each property's progress can be made during or after the auction.

And the best part of the deal is that we can supply this for the same amount per property as our standard rates. (provision of the player software is separate.)

*Yes you are thinking, “what about the other way?” We have left the application open to allow for bids from the net. We can apply this capability to Realvid Live if and when there is enough of our client base who want this. Of course, we can also add voice streaming or video streaming to the application for those who want it.

Example in video format

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bidding on screen

Bidding on Screen

The bidding-on screen presentation is just that. It allows the current bid to be displayed on the presentation. Anywhere you like! It utilises a twin screen system that is easy to set-up and operate. The operator can set the bid on their screen before allowing it to be displayed on the auction screen. This reduces any problems with mistakes as they can be fixed before going on display to the audience. Short-cut keys can be used to quickly add or subtract set amounts to the current bid. The bids can also be recorded to file, printed out during the auction or later. Other information can be incorporated such as “Vendor Bid”, the date and location of the auction, the auctioneer, sold status and even a 10% deposit calculated! For those of you who like the idea of recording the bids but not displaying them on screen, that can be easily arranged.

Essential data like the property's address, submission number, the agent involved, and a section for “Extra Text” in case the property is Sold prior, postponed at the last minute can be changed using a simple data entry page at the start of the auction.

Example in video format

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standard service

Standard Service

Our standard presentation is designed to be simple, reliable and easy to use but with as many bells and whistles as you like. Our program is designed to run 24/7 365 days a year. An operator or even the auctioneer on their own can set-up and run the presentation easily.

The presentation is set to run full screen over a cloned desktop. What is seen on the operator's side is seen on the audience screen. All navigation buttons are hidden. A shortcut key sheet is provided to help in navigation and all the options are standardised. This makes it easy for the Auctioneer to be the operator.

Essential data like the property's address, submission number, the agent involved, and a section for “Extra Text” in case the property is Sold prior, postponed at the last minute can be changed using a simple data entry page at the start of the auction.

Example in video format

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Presentation types

You have decided on the level of service. Now have a look at the type of presentation you would like for your auction. Each template can have any combination of materials, music, stills, video, panoramas, text information that you desire or your budget allows. To help you decide, we have labelled 4 types of presentation that can be used in any of the products listed above. They are:

  1. Stills Only
  2. Using high quality high resolution still images from your marketing campaign. Maps plans and text can be used.

  3. Stills with Silent Video at end.
  4. As with the "Stills Only" type, we use still images for the auctioneers part of the presentation. At the auction page, a simple video is made from the existing stills, utilising soft dissolves, slow zooms and camera pans. Much like the Ken Burns effect.

  5. Video of Stills with Voice Over and Music.
  6. A full video of the property using the existing stills but with a professional voice over and music describing the property in full. The video can also be used in a loop on the auction page. (silent of course.) See our Voice/Over video service.

  7. Full Video
  8. Full video shot on location with agent intro, music, etc. Our sister company, The Property Studio can provide full video services within the Sydney region. Otherwise we can use pre-existing videos. Contact us now to find out the requirements for using your own video.

With all the above we can use building plans, text, map locations to flesh-out each property presentation. Each of these plans can be constructed 'as is' or elements from several can be combined into a unique 'Script'. That is the beauty of our system; the flexibility of design and inclusion of material is almost limitless!


Links to large examples of each major presentation service. Use the video player's
"play full Screen" button if you like to get a better idea.

Realvid Live (Bids to the net)

Realvid Bids-on-screen

Realvid Standard presentation

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